About Mr. Fast Fix

Mr. Fast fix's motto is to keep home and our workspaces tidy and clutter-free. We have clear work ethics and a code of conduct in our company, which becomes our USP. We do our work with great diligence, determination and devotion. Customer is the king and we ensure king's every demand met.

Mr. Fast Fix tailors the home care services to meet the needs of each individual customer by offering services in a spirit of compassion and dedication. We serve a wide variety of clients with diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. Mr.Fast Fix understands and respects each individual’s requirements, and are sensitive to each individual’s beliefs and care needs.


To be a one-stop service station for home care where customers be our major source of advertisement, to gain trust of people making their life simpler and maintenance free.


To strive for providing every home care service for every customer to make their life stress-free and achieve customer satisfaction in the long journey.

Our Values

Punctuality, Transparency and Support are the major pillars of our system and we live by it.