Electrical Services

Service Overview

We aim for you to get resourceful, efficient and trustworthy electrician services. From meters and fuses to simple wiring, our best team of electricians devote themselves to make sure gadgets are in pink of their health and are maintained in the longer run.

Our trained electricians can even do wiring for your doorbells, water tanks, tube lights, sockets & switches, power points, lamps, bulb etc. and also old damaged wiring can be fixed. Customer’s safety is our priority as electricity can pose a threat to life in some extreme cases. Call us in emergencies and we will be ready to help. Check out the categories in which we offer our services.

  • TV and Electronics Items Repair
  • Household Items electrical repair

Plumbing Services

Service Overview

A leaking water tap or a pipe can be messy and creates a great havoc in our living. Taking proper action for the plumbing problem to be solved is very essential. Hire our Mr. Fast Fix plumber to repair, install or service any broken/leaking water tank, taps, kitchen sinks, PVC pipes, toilet jets, drainage systems etc.

Carpentry Services

Service Overview

Our skilled carpenters will refurbish your home making it appear exceptionally stylish at an affordable price. Our wide range of carpenter services include tile work, window replacement, railing repair & replacement, modern kitchen cabinet design, custom cabinetry, mending doorknobs, drawers fills, wardrobe designing, polishing, mending broken doors or furniture and sheetrock repair & install. We help you customize or repair your furniture, doors and windows.


Service Overview

Get your home or office colorful with our painting service of all kinds. Avail all our services, right from your interior to exterior ranging from simple to premium, Mr. Fast Fix comes with a host of choices to select from.

AC Repair

Service Overview

Mr.Fast Fix offers flexible solutions for installation, removal, repair and maintenance of your AC units. We offer onsite inspection and annual maintenance plans for both old and new air conditioning systems.We have carried out AC installation and repair in bedrooms, conservatories, commercial buildings, rental properties and have even done central air conditioner installation for a whole house. Our nifty professionals take care of each and every detail and make sure that the premises are neat and tidy after the completion of the work.We can service AC units in any given time in any kind of conditions. All it takes is just to book a call-back to get in touch with our friendly staff for AC installation. We guarantee that you will be impressed by our services and rates.

Computer Repair

Service Overview

Working from Laptop and battery isn’t supportive or laptop speed is running low, Mr. Fast Fix solves your queries by providing you solutions. Our team of technicians can provide you direct service on the same day of your call to make these mundane tasks easy for you.

Keyboard repair, mouse repair or motherboard issues, any serious issue can be quickly solved by our team with accurate efficiency.

Water Tank Cleaning

Service Overview

Maintaining your water tank alone could be tiresome but with us it would be no more. Rely on us for a clean water tank as per your booking with us and we won’t disappoint you. We would make sure your water is safe and healthy to consume on a regular basis until next clean-up session.

Bore well/Pump Set Repair

Service Overview

Proper water filtration is essential to all the various applications you may use. This specialize expertise required to service and maintain it, is strength of our technical team at your service. We aim to ease your process as consumption of water is a daily requirement.

Vehicle Repair

Service Overview

Out on a long ride and the vehicle comes to an abrupt halt making that screeching noise. Aggravated? Do not worry, Mr. Fast Fix is your mechanic anytime you require at any hour, we’d happy to assist you. Brake-failure, Car-dents, AC control, windshields, liner issues everything gets solved at the brink of the moment by our developed team.

Home Security CCTV

Service Overview

Customer’s security and safety is our topmost priority and we leave no stone unturned to let our customer be danger free. They say, prevention is better than cure, so why risk the lives when repair or maintenance is always an option. We provide maintenance, relocation, repair, installation and advanced level backend solutions for the CCTV surveillance systems.

Pest Control

Service Overview

Mr. Fast Fix provides customers pest management services in the best and most economical way possible. This ensures the safety of their surrounding environment and premises, family, employees and make the environment happier and healthier than before. We make sure to satisfy our customers and provide them a pest-free home to live in. We offer different types of pest control solutions, from odour less to green products for almost all kinds of such problems our customers encounter.

Vastu Experts

Service Overview

Thinking for a new abode to settle in or a new workspace for your trending business and stuck at whether you should buy it or not? Call in our Vaastu experts to help you find a place or a home to settle peacefully in. They will not only guide you in buying the property but with your home/office space management and utilization. Our bunch of Vaastu experts would check and rectify the selected place by their profound knowledge, giving you answers for every asked question.


Feeling incompetent or low? Facing stress over work or not satisfied with what you have now? Office problems? Home Problems? Love Problems? We, Mr. Fast Fix, bring you our team to hide all your fears and help you cope with the present to have a bright future. The group of Astrologers aims to provide happiness and peace for those distressed.


Numerology, as the ancient Masters of Hidden knowledge knew, numbers can actually guide you to greater self-knowledge by revealing hidden patterns and empowering you to make sustainable, positive choices for your life.Mr. Fast Fix aims to support you in your journey to deeper wisdom and great self-knowledge. We have an array of numerologists, with an aim to always be successful and worthy.

Lift / Elevators

Service Overview

Climbing the stairs is always a healthier option but not when you are running late for work or have to go run errands. Mr. Fast Fix does the installation of lifts/elevators or any repair work required to keep your lift/elevator in healthy and maintained state. We do assist you as and when required according to your need and requirements.

Laundry Services

Service Overview

No time for laundry or ironing? No worry, Mr. Fast Fix offers laundry services as well. For those working men and women working day and night to eat the daily bread and butter, Mr. Fast Fix is at your service. Our team could provide you pick up and drop service along with excellent quality of clothes after laundry.


Service Overview

How about all your personal care services you get on your warm and cozy bed? How about your precious time being not wasted waiting for queues at the parlors. We make this feasible for you right at your door step at your own luxury suite i.e. your home, we send our extremely trained and expert beauticians to radiate your mind, body and soul.


Service Overview

Hosting a party? Decorations check, Venue check, Guest list check, Food? Mr. Fast Fix makes it easy for you. Book the order with the count of guests, Mr. Fast Fix will be your food partner, allowing your guests a scrumptious meal from our ace chefs. Food is the only thing for which everybody pauses to get a taste, we aim to make it rightly invested choice.

Orchestra / Band

Service Overview

Music is tranquil for the mind to deport from one place to another, it rejuvenates our inner being. Be it a Wedding or a Birthday Party, Mr.Fast Fix has an amazing set of people working to make you feel joyous and ecstatic. A live band, an orchestra or a bevy of unplugged singers are just there to lull you into beautiful world of live energy and excitement filled all around. Call us and book to make your event a lifetime memory.